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Travel jobs and tourism related employment is a growing field. Whether working on a cruise ship or training to be a travel agent, travel and tourism related careers require special training, making travel jobs a lucrative and rewarding career choice.

Travel jobs have the allure of being exciting and glamorous. Movies and television shows often romanticize the idea of travel jobs often depicting the crew of a cruise ship sailing from one exotic location to the next. Whether flying from the states to Paris, or sailing to Acapulco, there is no denying that travel jobs offer a chance to see some of the world’s finest countries and lands. Though it is true that you will enjoy the beauty of some of the world’s most popular hot spots, travel and tourism jobs also require a high level of responsibility. Due to the increasing needs of security due to the rise in terrorism, travel jobs will require that you have a clean background and can pass security clearance tests.

Most travel jobs will also require a high degree of customer service from their employees. This is more emphasized in travel related jobs then in some other fields. Due to the fact that many people in the travel and tourism industry will interact with people from other countries, there will need to be a high level of sensitivity to other cultures and customs.

Patience is also required for those in travel and tourism related fields. Travel agents will need to have a high degree of customer service and make sure that their clients feel that their agents will have their best need at heart. Hotel personnel will also need to have a strong customer service focus and remember the number one rule,” The customer is always right.” Though customer service plays an important factor in other careers, it is the primary ingredient to a success career in travel and tourism.

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